History Of The Group

1963 – Germany – Thomas GmbH

Over the years the THOMAS GROUP has established a global manufacturing presence in order to serve their customers with products for the Aerosol, Cosmetic, Perfume and Pharma industries. With over 370 employees worldwide and careful economic management, the THOMAS GROUP has become a world leader in the manufacturing of metal components.

2012 – Germany – Thomas GmbH

The new THOMAS GROUP administrative building was inaugurated.

2011 – Spain – Federico Ferrer

THOMAS GROUP took over the Spanish company FEDERICO FERRER to expand their transfer press production and to increase the product range for cosmetic packaging components in the European market.

2009 – Spain – Mar Explot

A new fully automated anodising plant was installed to serve our customers with stamped and anodized aluminium parts.

2008 – Germany – Shareholder Change

The vast majority of the shares of the Thomas Group were purchased in 2008 by the family-owned Thyssen'sche Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. as a strategic investment. This Family Office is located in Mülheim, Germany, and owns several mid-size production and trading companies all over the world.

2005 – Argentina – Nelo S.A.

Thomas Group purchased shares of NELO S.A. in order to serve the Latin American cosmetic and perfumery markets with anodized aluminium components.

2004 – Germany – Thomas GmbH expansion

THOMAS GMBH expanded the production area and increased the capacities in order to serve the growing market.

2001– USA – Solla

The GROUP acquired SOLLA EYELET PRODUCTS Inc., Connecticut, USA. SOLLA is producing high quality cosmetic packaging components on transfer presses as well as technical components for various industries.

2000 – Argentina – Thomas de Sudamerica

THOMAS GROUP founded THOMAS DE SUDAMERICA S.A., Argentina. The production of mounting cups and ferrules for the Latin American markets started mid of 2001.

1996 – China – Thomas Suzhou

THOMAS GROUP founded THOMAS SUZHOU (METALS) CO. LTD., China, for the manufacture of mounting cups and aluminium components for the Asian markets.

1994 – Spain – Mar Explot new building

Mar Explot moved into a new larger manufacturing facility.

1983 – Spain – Mar Explot

THOMAS GROUP took over the Spanish company Spraycap, which later became Danalex S.A. and then MAR-EXPLOT S.L., Spain, producing mounting cups and anodised aluminium components for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

1979 – USA – Thomas Erie

To facilitate US production, the mounting cup manufacturer Thomas Products Corp. and the mounting cup division of Ethyl Chemical Corp. were purchased by the THOMAS GmbH. This was the foundation of THOMAS ERIE INC.

1978 – Germany – Acquisition by new Shareholders

THOMAS GMBH, was acquired from Thomas Closure Corp. by a group of German shareholders.

1970 – Germany – Tool room

THOMAS GMBH acquired the tool engineering company Lein Werkzeugbau enabling the in house manufacture and design of precision tooling.

1963 – Germany – Foundation of Thomas GmbH

THOMAS GMBH was founded by the US company Thomas Closure Corp. to manufacture mounting cups for aerosol valves for the European market. After ten years all production facilities of Thomas Closure Corp. were sold to Valve Corp. of America which was then acquired by Ethyl Chemical Corp. Thomas Closure Corp. remained an independent holding company for the European enterprises.